There are large amounts of unofficial websites, fake news posts, and nefarious social media accounts that are designed to spread fear and doubt about Afghanistan. You can stop this scourge by reporting fraudulent accounts and following only legitimate accounts.

Scroll down for a list of accounts and websites that we know are legitimate. Although the National Resistance Front is legally separate from the Massoud Foundation, we felt it was important to identify official accounts to reduce confusion for everyone. As always, if you have any information that would be helpful, please email us at



– The Massoud Foundation Australia Twitter Account:

– Ahmad Massoud:

– The Massoud Foundation USA is not on Twitter.

If you see fake Twitter accounts, please report them to: and you can report individual tweets at


– Massoud Foundation Australia:

– Massoud Foundation USA:

– Ahmad Massoud:

– Office of Ahmad Massoud:


– Massoud Foundation of Australia:

– Massoud Foundation USA is not currently active but is on Instagram:

– Ambassador Ahmad Wali Massoud:

Other sources

Our inspirational friend Maryam Massoud has also posted links to legitimate accounts:

Ahmad Massoud (AF)

President of the Massoud Foundation worldwide and son of the late Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, this website provides key information about Ahmad’s efforts to bring freedom and representative government to Afghanistan. The site is primarily in Farsi.

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Massoud Foundation (AF)

The original Massoud Foundation was started by the Massoud family in 2002 following the assassination of Commander Ahmad Shah Massoud by al Qaeda/Taliban. The Foundation has granted specific groups with the mission of representing them around the world

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Massoud Foundation (USA)

The Massoud Foundation USA was founded in 2016 and has done wonderful work to bring the Afghan diaspora together in the USA and to focus attention on humanitarian relief, community development, and successful immigration and prosperity.

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