Health & Wellbeing, Refugee Support and Resettlement

Health & Wellbeing, Refugee Support and Resettlement

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The newly arrived Afghan refugees have been through trauma and PTSD in Afghanistan including some who left families behind. Most of these families are still living in hotels waiting to relocate to their own houses. They have been away from normal life atmospheres and their feeling of isolation is immense.

Due to the lack of Covid-19 resources available in Afghanistan, they haven’t been able to receive the necessary safety instructions. Therefore, The Massoud Foundation Australia wants to create a welcoming environment where they can engage with health practitioners in their own languages (Farsi/Dari and Pashto) and interact with other Afghans from the community to reduce the sense of isolation and to generate connections and future opportunities to the families.

برنامهٔ صحی برای حمایت و استقرار پناهنده‌گان

– آگاهی‌دهی در مورد کوید-۱۹ و رهنمودهای بهداشتی مربوط به آن در ایالت نیو ساوت ویلز

– ارایهٔ معلومات صحی و خدمات طبی توسط داکتران هموطن در سدنی

– ضیافت شام و استقبال از هموطنان ما که تازه از افغانستان آمده اند

وقت: ۵ تا ۷ عصر،  جمعه ۱۰ دسمبر ۲۰۲۱

نشانی: The Ponds Community Hub – 45 Riverbank Dr, The Ponds NSW 2769, Australia

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برگزارکننده: بنیاد شهید مسعود – استرالیا 

کمک‌کننده: شورای شهر بلک تاون

Cost: Free

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When: Friday, 10 December, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm AEDT

Where: The Ponds Community Hub – 45 Riverbank Dr, The Ponds NSW 2769, Australia

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