On Saturday October 29 2022, the Massoud Foundation Youth Ambassadors held a day event, The Virtual Tour of Afghanistan and Australia at The Leo Kelly Blacktown Arts Centre. Over 50 attendees from diverse backgrounds went on a walk-through of Afghanistan and Australian landmarks and points of cultural significance through virtual screening, followed by a Kahoot and delicious Afghan cuisine for lunch, mutual understanding and appreciation were fostered between the cultures.

This event was intended to bridge the gap between the people of Afghanistan and wider Australian communities by fostering a mutual understanding of one another’s cultural history and longstanding relationship. It also created an opportunity and a friendly and welcoming environment for youth from diverse backgrounds to meet and greet.

The aspect of Afghanistan:

Ahmad Shah Massoud – The national hero of Afghanistan

Buddhas of Bamiyan

Koche Murghaa

Pamir Mountain

Band e Amir

The Aspect of Australia:

Central Adelaide Mosque – The first Mosque in Australia

Australian Landmarks (Uluru, Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Anzac Bridge)

Afghan Cameleers

Indigenous Australians

We would like to thank our youth ambassadors and volunteers for making this unique event joyful and successful. Find more in photos:

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