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The eye of international community has had a special focus in Afghanistan over the last 40 years. From covering the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan to the Taliban occupation and subsequent defeat, and the events of the last 20 years since 9/11, Afghanistan has played a central part in international media coverage.

Throughout the years, we have seen photos, videos, and documentaries covering the war in Afghanistan. Amongst many figures there was one that stood differently, this led photographers and journalists to travel through perilous terrain for an opportunity to meet the legendary leader Ahmad Shah Massoud as he led the resistance against Soviet occupation and then subsequently the war on terror.

In our upcoming event, we have the privilege of hosting prominent and internationally acclaimed photographers and journalists who personally spent time with Ahmad Shah Massoud, and who will share for the first time unseen images which were captured at the time. It is a special opportunity to hear firsthand the personal stories and experiences that correspond with the photographs and images that are now and forever a part of Afghanistan’s history.

We look forward to hearing and seeing from our guest speakers what made Ahmad Shah Massoud different and how his vision and struggle for the people of Afghanistan was captured with the click of their cameras.


Jafar Noor – Director, Massoud Foundation Australia – Jafar Noor is an Administration and Procurement professional and has over 7 years of experience working for a leading global logistics and supply Chain Company. Jafar is currently completing his Diploma of Procurement from CIPS. Jafar has extensive involvement in community and cultural affairs as team leader and manager of community-based organisations which includes but is not limited to sporting events, linguistics, spirituality, and outreach services. Jafar is passionate about his cultural heritage but importantly, brings a positive and energetic outlook to this role by connecting people and cultures who share a commonality of values and principles.


Mr. Reza Deghati – Reza has worked internationally for National Geographic Magazine. Several films about Reza’s work have been produced by National Geographic Television, most notably Frontline Diaries which won an Emmy Award in 2002. In 2003, Reza served as Creative Director for National Geographic’s most viewed documentary, Inside Mecca.[1][3] As part of its Exceptional Journeys series, National Geographic released a documentary[4] looking at Reza’s career as a photojournalist, with special features highlighting his extensive humanitarian work.

Mr. Hiromi Nagakura – Hiromi has been covering Afghanistan since 1975, he had first met Ahmad Shah Massoud in 1983. Hiromi has visited Afghanistan frequently in 1988, 1990,1992, 1995, 1997, 1999, and 2000. Over a total of 19 years and has spent nearly 500 days with Massoud. As mentioned in his book, “Crawling on the Ground”: “When I heard that the heroic figure who led the stubborn Afghan guerrillas was a young man of 29, I really wanted to meet him…I wanted to show the world what a young person of the same age was thinking, what his sufferings were, and where he could find happiness in the midst of war.”

Mr. Tony Ashby – Tony’s career spans five decades and has won him numerous awards. He won the prestigious Walkley Award twice and was twice a finalist. He is credited with a long list of other awards from important press photographer exhibitions and has been honored for being a finalist for “the most valued contribution to journalism” at the Walkley’s. With his vast international and domestic experience his lens has captured the full spectrum of human life, with its inevitable ups and downs, victories and defeats, and many quandaries. Some of his best work has been in troubled, often dangerous parts of the world. During 32 years with The West Australian newspaper, plus time working freelance since he traveled to countries afflicted by civil war, floods, genocide, terrorism, and more.

Mr. Stephen Dupont – Stephen is an Australian artist who works with photography and documentary film. He is mostly committed to long-term personal projects. Born in Sydney in 1967, he grew up in the western suburbs and Southern Highlands under tough social conditions and displacement, with social worker parents, who were full-time carers of state wards. Stephen is recognised around the world for his concerned photography on the human condition, war, and climate. His images have received international acclaim for their artistic integrity and valuable insight into the people, culture, and communities that are fast disappearing from our world.

The specific details of the event are as follows:

• Date: Friday, 22 October 2021

• Time: 7pm – 8pm AEST

• Online Webinar

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