In recent weeks, as was envisioned the people of Afghanistan are once again at the forefront of the war against terror and extremism through their resistance against the violent and extremist onslaught of the Taliban. Unfortunately, the casualties of the attacks are also once again the innocent people of Afghanistan including children with thousands of displaced families in Kabul from northern and southern provinces of Afghanistan to date.

Our team is on the ground surveying and helping displaced families. Through this survey, we have identified around 1555 displaced families in three main public parks in Kabul. These families are mainly from the northern provinces of Afghanistan where recently been at the forefront of the war.

These families are from the following provinces:

Takhar: 410

Balkh: 70

Samangan: 55

Kunduz: 820

Badakhshan: 50

Baghlan: 150

As you may be aware the situation in Afghanistan in the last 48 hours has rapidly changed, and is continuing to change on a daily basis. The Foundation is closely monitoring the situation to determine the safest and most reliable method by which we can ensure the support provided is delivered to those in need.

A lot can be said about the recent events in Afghanistan, however, what is clear is that the number of displaced, families many of whom are women and children has increased and their future is still unclear. We are continuing to raise funds in support of these people and will provide an update as soon as possible.

We continue to raise funds to reach our target and beyond. Every cent counts and will reach families in dire need of urgent support.

With your help, we are seeking to raise urgent emergency funds for the displaced families and the victims of war who require our support. 

Every penny is counted and your donations will reach the neediest people with utmost transparency and care.

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